Friday, December 9, 2011


yo so i have strange dreams every once in a while ranging from my dog dying to post apocalyptic shit. these dreams are so damn vivid and intriguing i honestly don't know how to feel about them. when i was 14 i had a dream one night about my dog dying and it was so vivid and i remember the exact situation where i could've helped him but for some exasperating reason...didn't. the very next day my dog (small) gets attacked by a huge neighborhood dog while i was taking it on a walk, i could've easily kicked this bigger dog or something but my dog ended up with a punctured lung and later died. oh well RIP. i also have dreams about finding weird shit in my pockets all the time...useful beneficial shit like money and iphones and jewels and gold coins and the strangest shit and it's like a blessing because i never put it in there. whenever i have these dreams something extremely beneficial happens that week as if shit just falls into place for me. for example, sleep in for a test on accident...teacher can't make class and gives everyone an A, almost out of gas just smoking with my friend wishing we had a swisher or a blunt wrap for our tree when all of a sudden a random hypebeast notices my sweatshirt and starts talking to me then buys clothes i happen to have in my car which gives me enough money for food, gas and a swisher that day, studied for what i thought was going to be the hardest calc test of my life and ended up in pretty much the same position as i was in before i studied, walk into class, teacher announces group test, automatic A+. this weird shit just happens and to be honest i'm a little concerned about these repeated post apocalyptic dreams i'm having. they start different each time but end the same, the ones i remember are of me alone on a barren wasteland remembering flashbacks of what my city used to look like and how it happened, and another one of me sitting underneath a bridge with a girl with the most hopeless feeling in the world. shit is getting stranger and stranger and i only wish that these dreams don't exemplify qualities of my past dreams.

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