Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fairfax/La Brea vol. Turntable Lab/A.P.C. Store/Self Edge/Deliciously Pink

loitered once again around the fairfax/la brea area this time checking out a different variety of stores. found a lot of items i added to my wantlist at the turntable lab and union once again. after we stayed our welcome at the turtable lab, we charged the APC store so the homie could obtain a crispy ass pair of NC's. raw denim lifestyle vol. mining since '49. after a long day of dealing with boisterous los angeles hypebeasts and such, we noticed and saw the famous and often talked about hot dog stand, pink's. yeah yeah heard it was overrated but ya boy stayed in line and acquired the chili cheese dogs and enjoyed every last bite. fuck a critic



if only...


need to cop for the pad asap


self edge







Thursday, March 10, 2011

FTC in Japan

this video is fucking cool to say the least. skating in tokyo would be too dope. get enticed by the melodic flow of the tokyo street scene and the steady harmonic jazz ensemble layered over skateboarding. trill

Sunday, March 6, 2011

IHOP/colette & chanel Collaboration/Stussy Deluxe

IHOP was salivating to say the least. those lying assholes tried to pin us with the $3 donation. shit at least i left a tip. shit, why can't i enjoy my pancakes with strawberry and blueberry syrup in peace. after my delicious round of pancakes, i was challenged to a match of scrabble by some elderlies who were talking massive amounts of shit. i ain't about to back down to some old man who's telling me what i can't do. put him in his place and left his ass speechless as I charged out of the room with a victorious grin. word. then my homie and i peeped the vinyl store down the street.


fashionw. colette poppin'


Stussy Deluxe Pop Up Shop in Japan