Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Damn shoes are Cool

i've had these koston's since may. i still skate them to this day but now each shoe has a different shoelace and i can't step in puddles. the only sponsor i'd pick over vitaminwater is nike

Photo on 2012-05-14 at 03.19


still want a pair of stussy dunks
Screen shot 2012-03-18 at 1.39.06 AM
*sees a nice pair of busenitz* ahhh damn reminds me of the' glory days :^)





obviously stuck in the past and still want a pair of navy 003s. atmos air max's too and infrareds lol

i really wish i could sleep in my nikes.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Damn I used to go to Fairfax a lot

  • listen, LA is just really cool and entrancing and during 2010/2011 you can't tell me that there wasn't something magical about Fairfax. especially growing up on hypebeast dot com and living so close. 
  • i'm listening to a frank ocean song right now and i was never really into him but he is a damn good song writer
  • according to the channel orange wikipedia page, the song featuring john mayer was written by tyler and frank. cool.
  • andre 3k also plays guitar, he's a genius.
  • i have an annoyingly painful job again at this dingy pizza parlor on balboa pier. my manager is a painful filipino woman that thinks she can find a husband at a nightclub (she's 46). she also is THEEEEE biggest b i t c h.
  • i think she's just lonely
So there's this girl that I used to fuck around with. Basically, I was scared of a relationship and didn't want to force myself upon anything I wasn't comfortable with. Long story short, she thought I was using her for my needs and added one of my friends off of FB (srsly) and ends up dating him for 5 months 2 weeks later. yoooooo crazy, psycho and deranged. Lol the kid she dated was so swagless too like forreal no swag whatsoever and he was really basic (dumb). But maybe I'm just angry. He liked dinosaurs and thought he was literally Tyler, the Creator so honestly it'd be a contradiction to feel any negative feelings and i'm not one to quote Drake but i'm just saying she could def do better. But yeah anyways, she broke up with him and came running back to me and i'm really bored just living here in Fucking Orange County so of course i get lured back into her trap. I mean it's not really a trap, i'm just a sensitive bitch. it's not like i lost my mind and think it's deuces minus one to the world, but it's weird how this girl is expressing interests for me with all her subliminal messages and layered references she brings up when we talk. i don't really like her but she does have a nice butt.

there's also this other girl & she's everything i ever wanted. she's VERY pretty, smart and really god damn funny. but i don't know if she feels the same way about me. we used to be able to talk to each other for hours (and i mean hours). i feel like i'm just boring and not that interesting enough for some of these girls.  but then again a lot of dudes i know are are pretty mundane and it seems like it's a surprise when girls find a guy they can talk to for a long time. i'm good at that i guess. but isn't conversation a basic skill

Monday, February 27, 2012

wtf is animal style, anime style hoe

very secrete cutty in-n-out trick REVEALED

mostly noted for their minimalistic menu mainly consisting of just burgers, fries and drinks/shakes, in-n-out offers different styles in which they can serve their food in ways that's not listed on the menu. exhibit a) animal style 3x burger w/ well done fries and a neapolitan shake. on the way to a friend's apartment in Long Beach, another friend (sitting in the passenger seat) mentions that "the best thing you can get at in-n-out is free i-in-out". naturally (hahahahhah) i asked him ,"how do you go about doing this?" he replied back, "look, it's like being a homeless man coming to bakeries asking for day-old pastries the bakery can't keep and wants to throw out. in-n-out doesn't accept american express. if you come late at night, order a meal but try paying with american express, they will give it to you for free if you convince them that your only method of payment is with your AE card." "ordering is harder than convincing them" he said. coincidentally, eminem's "guilty conscience" was playing in the background. Man fuck that, hit that shit raw dog and bail.

Friday, December 30, 2011


still have the hard copy although the case has a huge crack, one of my favorite albums of all time from one of the most consistent musical talents that has ever graced music

Monday, December 26, 2011

like 3 days ago? vol. sacred geometry

on deck

so me being a total internet master and everything used it to get in contact with Lucy, traded 15 brownies for 6 tabs with a very comfortable transaction. stocked up with the dro sticks on deck (i think there was nine?) and ate a couple tabs with my friend, very interesting trip. my friend decides to introduce the subject of sacred geometry and fractal theory which basically resulted in a nigga's mind getting blown. dog we out here gaining knowledge on what could be the basis of the universe and seen throughout ancient civilzations. these patterns are everywhere starting with a point, which then makes a line, which then makes a circle because it's a radius, and that radius shares 2 circles forming a ven diagram

so let's start with a point in space WP_000428

which then makes a line WP_000429

which then is a radius of a circle WP_000430

and with that radius we can draw two circles due to them sharing the same radius WP_000431

when the ven diagram figure is made, the two circles intersect creating another point which starts the whole pattern again WP_000432

this is repeated into infinity in all directions and when drawn out to make an even bigger circle it makes this, "the flower of life" flower_of_life

in this flower of life we see a hexagonal shape assumed with the six points on the outer reaches of the circle connected together by lines. the hexagonal shape is found everywhere in our world from snowflakes to molecular structure to the scales of skin. the star of david can also be made within this first circle, a very notable sign used by an ancient civilization, the Jewish. another notable sign which can be made within the first circle and even within the first ven diagram are two equilateral triangles, which form pyramids, pyramids are found everywhere amongst the earth ranging from the mayans to the ancient egyptians. keep in mind that this is just the first circle, as we expand out farther to create a second circle, we can form a ying yang sign!! this ying yang sign was a symbol used amongst ancient asian and oriental cultures. another strange pattern of these circles is that they are concentric, these concentric patterns are also seen everywhere such as planetal orbits or when one drops a rock into a lake of water. and this can all be gathered from just the second circle, this goes onto infinity which makes an infinite amount of circles which means there's an infinite amount of sacred geometric shapes. so all these shapes, the pyramids, the ying yang sign, the star of david, it's impossible for any of these cultures to have come into contact, why are all their symbols a shape of sacred geometry? it is very damn possible ancient civilizations either knew or understood something that we haven't fully grasped yet...