Monday, December 26, 2011

like 3 days ago? vol. sacred geometry

on deck

so me being a total internet master and everything used it to get in contact with Lucy, traded 15 brownies for 6 tabs with a very comfortable transaction. stocked up with the dro sticks on deck (i think there was nine?) and ate a couple tabs with my friend, very interesting trip. my friend decides to introduce the subject of sacred geometry and fractal theory which basically resulted in a nigga's mind getting blown. dog we out here gaining knowledge on what could be the basis of the universe and seen throughout ancient civilzations. these patterns are everywhere starting with a point, which then makes a line, which then makes a circle because it's a radius, and that radius shares 2 circles forming a ven diagram

so let's start with a point in space WP_000428

which then makes a line WP_000429

which then is a radius of a circle WP_000430

and with that radius we can draw two circles due to them sharing the same radius WP_000431

when the ven diagram figure is made, the two circles intersect creating another point which starts the whole pattern again WP_000432

this is repeated into infinity in all directions and when drawn out to make an even bigger circle it makes this, "the flower of life" flower_of_life

in this flower of life we see a hexagonal shape assumed with the six points on the outer reaches of the circle connected together by lines. the hexagonal shape is found everywhere in our world from snowflakes to molecular structure to the scales of skin. the star of david can also be made within this first circle, a very notable sign used by an ancient civilization, the Jewish. another notable sign which can be made within the first circle and even within the first ven diagram are two equilateral triangles, which form pyramids, pyramids are found everywhere amongst the earth ranging from the mayans to the ancient egyptians. keep in mind that this is just the first circle, as we expand out farther to create a second circle, we can form a ying yang sign!! this ying yang sign was a symbol used amongst ancient asian and oriental cultures. another strange pattern of these circles is that they are concentric, these concentric patterns are also seen everywhere such as planetal orbits or when one drops a rock into a lake of water. and this can all be gathered from just the second circle, this goes onto infinity which makes an infinite amount of circles which means there's an infinite amount of sacred geometric shapes. so all these shapes, the pyramids, the ying yang sign, the star of david, it's impossible for any of these cultures to have come into contact, why are all their symbols a shape of sacred geometry? it is very damn possible ancient civilizations either knew or understood something that we haven't fully grasped yet...

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