Monday, February 27, 2012

wtf is animal style, anime style hoe

very secrete cutty in-n-out trick REVEALED

mostly noted for their minimalistic menu mainly consisting of just burgers, fries and drinks/shakes, in-n-out offers different styles in which they can serve their food in ways that's not listed on the menu. exhibit a) animal style 3x burger w/ well done fries and a neapolitan shake. on the way to a friend's apartment in Long Beach, another friend (sitting in the passenger seat) mentions that "the best thing you can get at in-n-out is free i-in-out". naturally (hahahahhah) i asked him ,"how do you go about doing this?" he replied back, "look, it's like being a homeless man coming to bakeries asking for day-old pastries the bakery can't keep and wants to throw out. in-n-out doesn't accept american express. if you come late at night, order a meal but try paying with american express, they will give it to you for free if you convince them that your only method of payment is with your AE card." "ordering is harder than convincing them" he said. coincidentally, eminem's "guilty conscience" was playing in the background. Man fuck that, hit that shit raw dog and bail.

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