Sunday, March 6, 2011

IHOP/colette & chanel Collaboration/Stussy Deluxe

IHOP was salivating to say the least. those lying assholes tried to pin us with the $3 donation. shit at least i left a tip. shit, why can't i enjoy my pancakes with strawberry and blueberry syrup in peace. after my delicious round of pancakes, i was challenged to a match of scrabble by some elderlies who were talking massive amounts of shit. i ain't about to back down to some old man who's telling me what i can't do. put him in his place and left his ass speechless as I charged out of the room with a victorious grin. word. then my homie and i peeped the vinyl store down the street.


fashionw. colette poppin'


Stussy Deluxe Pop Up Shop in Japan


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