Friday, February 25, 2011

Fairfax/La Brea vol. Supreme/Union/swagfather/Oki-Dog Fantasies

so a dude is at Supreme with some of the homies just checkin' the new drop and shit, when all of a sudden this gramps behind the counter gives me a cold ass stare. triple og recognize triple og, it was t_z! aka steeziest old dude alive aka steezuschrist. fuck what an encounter....


stopped by UNDFTD to feel the floor mats


then headed to StussyLA, myself captivated by this gigantic KAWS art piece


and this promiscuous female which looks like some Gonz artwork but i'm not 100%...


of course ya boy had to stop by Union, this shop is seriously too fucking cool. i want to live here.



the that Visvim???


also stopped by the legendary oki dog but a dude was too entranced by the food to take pictures. you can refer to my twitter for details on that shit doe lol.


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